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A Democracy Crisis in the Making Report Update: 2022 Year-End Numbers

The state legislature-driven election subversion trend gained momentum throughout the last two years. All told, we have catalogued more than 400 legislative proposals that would enable election subversion. Over that time, the proposals have morphed and become more far-reaching and aggressive.

Replacing the Refs

In 2022, politicians who spread lies and conspiracy theories about our elections sought the power to oversee our elections, enabling them to interfere with nonpartisan election administration and put our free, fair, and secure elections at risk. We tracked their performance in statewide races.

Surveying Voters on Election Denialism

These surveys were conducted before the election, in August and September, shedding light on why voters rejected Election Denier candidates when they went to the polls.

Election Deniers in Secretary of State Races

Many, but not all, secretaries of state serve as the state’s chief election official. Secretaries of state have key roles and responsibilities in several aspects of voting procedures and election administration and certification.

Election Deniers in Attorney General Races

Attorneys general have key roles and responsibilities in several aspects of election administration, election law enforcement, and voting procedures.

Election Deniers in Governor Races

Governors have key roles and responsibilities in several aspects of election administration and voting procedures.
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Midterm Election Season Resources

States United has developed a collection of election season resources for state officials, law enforcement leaders, pro-democracy groups and journalists.

Political Parties’ Observation and Participation in Elections

Representatives of political parties, candidates, civic engagement and nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and international entities all have varying levels of access to election administration and voting procedures depending on state law.
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The January 6 Hearings

The attack and effort to undermine the will of the American voters did not happen in a vacuum. Fueled by misinformation and lies about the 2020 election, many of the key actors involved and key actions taken that contributed to the attack originated from the states. After all, while elections are national events, they are run and led by the states.
Legal Analysis, Reports

The January 6 Hearings: Michigan Spotlight

The Michigan Spotlight includes events in the state leading up to the January 6 attack, participation by Michigan actors in relevant events and the attack itself, efforts in Michigan to discredit or reverse the outcome of the presidential election, and subsequent post-January 6 events.