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Press Release

States United Democracy Center Welcomes Kim Wyman to Advisory Board

Press Release

States United Action Launches ElectionDeniers.org, Mapping the Full Election Denier Threat Ahead of 2024

New Data Hub Tracks the Election Denier Movement in Every State, Across Multiple Levels of Government
Press Release

States United and LDAD Call on the State Bar of Texas to Seek Disbarment of Sidney Powell Following Her Guilty Plea to Six Charges in Georgia

Letter Garners Bipartisan Support from Texas and National Legal Experts; Points to Ethics Rules Requiring Compulsory Discipline Given Powell’s Admission of Criminal Activity in Georgia
Press Release

California Bar Court Issues Preliminary Finding of Culpability Against Eastman as Disciplinary Trial Draws to a Close

States United Filed a Bar Complaint Against Eastman in 2021 for Assisting in Trump’s Attempts to Discredit and Overturn the 2020 Election; Experts Available for Interviews
Press Release

States United Action Releases First Election Denier Landscape for 2023 and 2024 Cycles

Replacing the Refs Identifies Election Deniers Running for President and Statewide Executive Office; Spotlights How Election Denial Shows Up on Campaign Trail After 2022 Midterms
States United Updates

The United States v. Donald Trump

Plus: Updates from Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona. 🗳️
States United Updates

Access for All

Plus: Trump faces new charges. 🗳️
States United Updates

The Summer of Accountability

Plus: New developments in Michigan, Georgia, and DC. 🗳️
States United Updates

Investing in Democracy

Plus: News from Georgia and Utah. 🗳️
Press Release

New Report: Threats to Democracy in the U.S. Pose Financial and Economic Risks for Investors

The States United Democracy Center and the Brookings Institution Examine the Role of Institutional Investors in the U.S. to Account for Political Risks