• Fulton County, Georgia

    Charges against Trump and 18 others for 2020 presidential election interference, explained
  • A Democracy Crisis In The Making

    The decisions being made in statehouses this year and next will help determine how the 2024 election is conducted.
  • Financial and Economic Dangers of Democratic Backsliding

    A single state-level official could wreak significant havoc on national electoral processes.

Democracy needs backup. That’s where we come in.

The States United Democracy Center is a nonpartisan organization advancing free, fair, and secure elections. We connect state and local officials, law enforcement leaders, and pro-democracy partners across America with the tools and expertise they need to safeguard democracy. We are guided by a bipartisan Advisory Board of former state and federal officials, issue experts, and law enforcement leaders from both major political parties who are committed to protecting the will of the people and the rule of law.


of those surveyed said counting every vote is more important than having their preferred candidate win.

Source: Mellman Group November 2020 survey

Our Priorities

We give legal, research, and communications support to the state and local officials who run, oversee, and defend our elections. We help protect the freedom to vote and nonpartisan election administration, prevent political violence, fight disinformation, and hold people accountable when they try to undermine our democracy.
The spread of disinformation and how to fight that with truth is something we work on a lot at the States United Democracy Center. I’m fundamentally optimistic that we will succeed if we do the hard work of preserving democracy together, just as we did in 2020.
Norm Eisen, short black hair with glasses
Ambassador Norm Eisen (ret.)
Executive Chair of the States United Democracy Center and former White House Ethics Czar
Elections are events that capture national attention, but they are run by states. It’s crucial to have trusted state and local officials at the helm.
Christine Todd Whitman, short blonde hair with a black and gray shirt
Governor Christine Todd Whitman
Co-Chair of the States United Democracy Center and former Governor of New Jersey
With extreme candidates running on election lies as a campaign issue up and down the ballot, it’s never been more important to elect leaders from both sides of the aisle who respect the rule of law and the will of the voters.
Joanna Lydgate, long dark hair, wearing black blazer with white undershirt
Joanna Lydgate
President and CEO of the States United Democracy Center