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Fact Sheets

Backgrounder: U.S. Department of Justice charges Trump for 2020 presidential election interference, explained

This criminal investigation is being led by DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith. The investigation is ongoing.
Amicus Briefs

Opposition to Co-defendants Michael Roman, Donald Trump and Others’ Motion to Dismiss and Disqualify DA Fani Willis from the Fulton County, GA Election Interference Case

Fact Sheets

Backgrounder: Fulton County, Georgia, charges against Trump and 18 others for 2020 presidential election interference, explained

The 98-page indictment laying out 161 actions in furtherance of the conspiracy tells a clear story: Donald Trump and his allies attempted to undermine the will of the American people in an effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The Final Case for John Eastman’s Disbarment

Breaking Down the California Bar’s Closing Brief
Ethics and Regulatory Complaints

Backgrounder: John Eastman’s Trial Before the State Bar Court of California

On Jan. 26, 2023, the State Bar of California filed a Notice of Disciplinary Charges against Eastman.
Fact Sheets

Backgrounder: Michigan’s ‘fake electors’ charges, explained

Michigan was one of seven states where “fake electors” claimed that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election in their state.
Fact Sheets

Backgrounder: Fulton County Special Grand Jury Investigation Into 2020 Presidential Interference

In January 2022, superior court judges in Fulton County, Georgia approved the request from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to seat a special grand jury (“SGJ”) to aid in her investigation into interference in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election contest.

Understanding the Trump Criminal Cases 


Explainer: Trump’s Indictment and the First Amendment

Ethics and Regulatory Complaints

Ethics Complaint — Jenna Ellis (CO)