Reports November 11, 2020

Protecting the Results

The resources on this page are aimed at preparing AGs and other state and local officials to protect the results.

Issue Areas



America voted safely and securely, in record numbers. Our votes are being counted fairly and accurately. Now it’s time for a peaceful transition of power.

The American people spoke — Joe Biden is our President Elect, and Kamala Harris is our Vice President Elect. We need to ensure that the people’s voice is heard and respected.

The resources on this page are aimed at preparing AGs and other state and local officials to protect the results.

Messaging Guidance: Protecting the Results

This tool helps officials communicate with the public about the importance of protecting the election results in the face of threats posed by disinformation, federal interference, and meritless litigation.


Issue Alert: Ensuring Safety for Election Officials

In the aftermath of Election Day, election officials — from politicians to poll workers — have been subjected to unacceptable threats, intimidation, and harassment. This issue alert contains legal and messaging guidance for state officials who want to speak out strongly about keeping our election officials safe.



Respecting the People’s Choice

This video asset shows presidential candidates from both parties gracefully conceding defeat and initiating the peaceful transition of power. It’s a powerful reminder of a democratic imperative to honor the will of the people.



Conservative Leaders Agree the Election Was Free, Fair, and Secure

This video asset shows conservative leaders agreeing that the election was free and fair — and there was no evidence of any fraud.


Preparing for and Managing Demonstrations

Written collaboratively with policing experts, this guidance helps law enforcement officers prepare for and successfully manage demonstrations around the elections, protecting public safety and the First Amendment.