Cases December 13, 2021

LULAC v. Elfant – SB1111 (TX)

Issue Areas

In June, Texas LULAC and Voto Latino filed a complaint against the Election Administrators of six major Texas counties to challenge the constitutionality of SB1111, which modifies state residency requirements for voter registration purposes. Texas AG Paxton has since intervened in support of the law on behalf of the state as an additional defendant.

The plaintiffs argue that the law violates the First, Fourth and 26th Amendments and “imposes vague, onerous restrictions on the voter registration process.” Specifically, SB1111:

  • Prohibits Texas voters from moving with the aim of influencing election outcomes;
  • Heightens document verification requirements for individuals with challenged or unconfirmed addresses; and
  • Eliminates the option for some voters, like college students or low-income individuals, to register to vote at a temporary address.

States United is serving as pro-bono co-counsel for defendant Lisa Wise, El Paso County’s Election Administrator. Wise makes the case that Texas elections are free, fair, and secure, and SB1111 is unnecessary. Worse, these provisions may suppress voter registration and turnout, and unnecessarily burden Election Administrators and voters. Wise and other election officials have no way to determine a person’s reason for relocation, for example.


Latest Update

The parties of the case are engaged in discovery, with trial set for summer 2022.

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