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Press Release

Election Deniers Make Up One-Third of Congress, One Year Out from Congressional Certification of 2024

States United Action Adds Congressional Tracking to ElectionDeniers.org; Releases Data on Voters’ Support for Election Deniers
Press Release

Year-End Report Details State Legislatures’ Election Subversion Playbook; Examines Laws That Increase Risk of 2024 Election Crisis

Analysis Finds 600+ State Legislative Proposals Introduced Since 2020 That Would Interfere With and Undermine Nonpartisan Administration of Elections
Press Release

States United Action Launches ElectionDeniers.org, Mapping the Full Election Denier Threat Ahead of 2024

New Data Hub Tracks the Election Denier Movement in Every State, Across Multiple Levels of Government
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New Report Examines Election Subversion Legislative Trends and its Impact on the 2024 Elections

The report provides a detailed analysis of the nationwide trend of state legislatures considering laws that increase the risk of election subversion and its potential impact on election administration in the 2024 election.
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Midterm Results Show Americans Do Not Want Election Deniers to Hold Statewide Office

With All Statewide Races Called for Foreseeable Future, Trend is Clear: Voters Rejected Election Denialism in More Than 4 in 5 Statewide Races
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THURSDAY UPDATE: In About 95% of Statewide Races Called So Far, Election Denialism Failed to Gain New Ground

In Races Called as of 1 p.m. ET, Only 5 Non-Incumbent Election Deniers Have Won Statewide Office in 94 Total Races; 9 Incumbent Election Deniers Have Won
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Morning Update: 24 Election Deniers Lost Races for Statewide Office in 17 States

As of 10:45 a.m. ET, Election Deniers have won fewer than 1 in 7 Races for Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State
Press Release

States United Democracy Center Releases State Highlights from House Hearings on January 6 Attack

As hearings resume, updated report summarizes Committee’s evidence on campaigns to undermine electoral outcomes in five states
Press Release

Midterm Update: More Than Half the Country Has an Election Denier Running to Oversee Statewide Elections

States United Action’s Post-Primaries “Replacing the Refs” Tracker Reveals that Election Deniers are on the Ballot in Half of Governor Races, and One-Third of Attorney General and Secretary of State Races 
Press Release

Experts Warn of Threats to Elections Due to Election Subversion Measures and Disinformation at Briefing

NEW: Analysis finds at least 244 bills in 33 states that politicize, criminalize, or interfere with nonpartisan election administration; 24 of these bills have become law or been adopted this year