Cases October 7, 2022

Mi Familia Vota, et al. v Hobbs – Voter Registration & Proof of Citizenship (AZ)

Issue Areas

Beginning in March 2022, Mi Familia Vota, Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), and others filed complaints challenging H.B.2492 and H.B.2243, new laws that, among other things:  

  • Require all Arizonans to show proof of citizenship to register to vote in presidential elections or by mail; 
  • Require a mark in the citizenship box on the voter registration form, disclosure of birthplace, and submission of proof of residence location to register to vote; and 
  • Require investigation and cancellation of voters based on comparisons of the voter rolls against various governmental, external, and third-party databases. 

States United is serving as pro-bono co-counsel alongside Coppersmith Brockelman PLC for Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. While Secretary Hobbs is a named defendant in the case, she has taken a nominal position and will not defend the laws. Prior to the lawsuits at issue, Secretary Hobbs sent letters to encourage Governor Ducey to veto both laws (H.B.2492 and H.B.2243) after they were initially passed by the legislature. 

There are currently five lawsuits challenging H.B.2492 and H.B.2243 that have been consolidated, and two additional related lawsuits with pending motions to consolidate. 

Latest Update

Secretary Hobbs has filed answers to six of the seven complaints challenging H.B.2492 and H.B.2243. 

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