Law Enforcement Guidance

Political Violence Prevention

Local law enforcement plays a critical role in protecting the right to vote and ensuring that every vote is counted. In the 2020 election, police leaders and their personnel must know the rules, understand the appropriate responses to potential disruptions, and promote safe participation in the democratic process.

Responding to Unauthorized Paramilitary Activity

This document, written by 21CP Solutions, The Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law, and the Crime and Justice Institute offers guidance for law enforcement officers on unlawful paramilitary activity.

Preparing for and Managing Demonstrations

Written collaboratively with policing experts, this guidance helps law enforcement officers prepare for and successfully manage demonstrations around the elections, protecting public safety and the First Amendment.

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Responding to Driver Disturbances

Written collaboratively with policing experts, this guidance helps law enforcement respond to driver behavior — including mass “caravans” — that can interfere with and intimidate voters.

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What Police Need to Know at the Polls

Written together with policing experts from 21CP Solutions, this resource helps law enforcement understand how to protect voters and ensure safe and secure polling places this election season. It includes guidance about responding to difficult situations — like guns at the polls or self-proclaimed “poll watchers” who disrupt voting.

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Messaging Guidance

These sample materials are designed to help law enforcement leaders reinforce the message that voters will be safe at the polls and voter intimidation will not be tolerated.

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