We provide tools and guidance for state and local election officials, law enforcement leaders, pro-democracy partners, the press, and the public. Our resources focus on election protection, accountability, truth in elections, and preventing political violence.
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Replacing the Refs: 2023 Statewide Races & 2024 Presidential Candidates

Election Deniers are back on the ballot, and their movement has spread far beyond the campaign trail. We’re tracking Election Deniers in this year’s statewide races and next year’s presidential election. Their allies already hold office in many states and are chipping away at free and fair elections.
Best Practices

Social Media Policies: Mis/Disinformation, Threats, and Harassment

With the help of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, we have compiled the policies related to election and voting disinformation of some of the most used platforms, including Gab, Meta (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), Reddit, Telegram, TikTok, Truth Social, Twitter, and YouTube.

A Democracy Crisis In The Making: June 2023 Edition

The decisions being made in statehouses this year and next will help determine how the 2024 election is conducted.

Bad Politics, Bad Policies: Election Denial in 2023

A review of Election Deniers’ actions after their first 100 days in office reveals new anti-democracy trends in the states post-2022 elections.
Trend Analysis

Why Would Someone Lie About Our Elections?

The Motives Behind Election Disinformation

A Democracy Crisis in the Making Report Update: 2022 Year-End Numbers

The state legislature-driven election subversion trend gained momentum throughout the last two years. All told, we have catalogued more than 400 legislative proposals that would enable election subversion. Over that time, the proposals have morphed and become more far-reaching and aggressive.

Surveying Voters on Election Denialism

These surveys were conducted before the election, in August and September, shedding light on why voters rejected Election Denier candidates when they went to the polls.

Election Deniers in Secretary of State Races

Many, but not all, secretaries of state serve as the state’s chief election official. Secretaries of state have key roles and responsibilities in several aspects of voting procedures and election administration and certification.

Election Deniers in Attorney General Races

Attorneys general have key roles and responsibilities in several aspects of election administration, election law enforcement, and voting procedures.

Election Deniers in Governor Races

Governors have key roles and responsibilities in several aspects of election administration and voting procedures.