Michigan: Myths and Facts


  • The continued baseless claims and attempts to undermine the result are a waste of taxpayer dollars and state resources. Even Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr just came out and said there is NO evidence of widespread fraud that would affect the outcome.
  • We need our leaders focused on moving our country forward and dealing with the COVID crisis.
    • We have had ZERO hearings on COVID in Michigan, which claimed the second highest number of Michigan lives yesterday since the beginning of the pandemic, but we have had hours of hearings on the baseless attacks on the legally cast votes by millions of Michiganders.
    • Another hearing today with Rudy Giuliani’s traveling fantasy show is not going to change the outcome and only attacks the will of the voters in Michigan.
  • The conservative Republican election administrator in Georgia said it best last night: “It’s time to look forward.” This was a safe, secure, and fair election in Michigan and everywhere.
  • We continue to stand with the state and local officials and poll workers across Michigan – from both parties – who made sure this year’s election was free, fair, and accurate, and the voters who turned out in record numbers.
  • The outcome of the election is crystal clear: Michigan voters chose Joe Biden as their next president, by a margin more than 10 times larger than Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.
  • Michigan has already joined other states in doing its nonpartisan job of counting votes and certifying results, as required by law. The will of the American people, including voters in Michigan, has been heard and must be respected.


MYTHThe state legislature has a role in determining which electors represent the state.
FACTState law is clear: Presidential electors are chosen based on popular vote, and Joe Biden won Michigan by 154,188 votes.
MYTHThe Trump Campaign has produced evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.
FACTNo court anywhere in the country has discounted even a single vote in the 2020 election based on a claim of fraud – even though Trump and his allies have filed more than 40 post-Election Day lawsuits.In Michigan alone, Trump and his supporters have filed at least 8 lawsuits since Election Day. 6 of them have already been thrown out, and the other 2 are awaiting action. In none of them has any witness testified to any fraud.Donald Trump’s own attorney general, Bill Barr, said that he has seen no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election.And when Giuliani actually did appear in court (in Pennsylvania) he “was unable to provide evidence of any fraud.”
MYTHThe Trump campaign has identified 300,000 “illegitimate ballots” in Michigan, mostly coming out of Wayne County
FACTA Michigan judge has already rejected this baseless, racist conspiracy theory. In Costantino v. Detroit, Judge Timothy Kenny called the theory “incorrect and not credible.” Judge Kenny’s ruling was upheld by both the appellate court and the state Supreme Court.
MYTHOut of balance precincts in Detroit are proof of election irregularities.
FACTMore Detroit precincts were out of balance in 2016, when Donald Trump won Michigan, than in 2020.A precinct is out of balance when the number of voters recorded in poll books does not match the number of ballots cast. In 2016, 392 Detroit precincts – 59% of the total – were out of balance. In 2020, only 28% were out of balance. And those precincts do not begin to affect the overall margin: In Detroit, a total of about 450 ballots are at issue.
MYTHA truck pulled up to the Detroit counting center hauling “thousands” of illegal ballots
FACTAgain – a Michigan judge has already rejected this baseless conspiracy theory. In Costantino v. Detroit, Judge Timothy Kenny called the theory “incorrect and not credible.” Judge Kenny’s ruling was upheld by both the appellate court and the state Supreme Court. As the judge found: It’s true that ballots were brought to be counted in trucks. That is neither strange nor suspicious.