Photograph showing a young African American woman casting her ballot at Cardozo High School in Washington, D.C.
Photographer: Trikosko, Marion S. — Date Created/Published 1964 Nov. 3

The freedom to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. From Seneca Falls to Freedom Summer to the 2020 election, generations of Americans have marched, fought, and even died to bring down barriers to the ballot box. They have braved tear gas and fire hoses, night sticks and baseball bats; they have been jailed, surveilled, and silenced for trying to make their voices heard. These heroes have helped move our nation closer to its founding ideals. But in recent years, we’ve witnessed an extraordinary assault on that progress and on the very foundation of our democracy. Extremists have employed violence and intimidation to threaten election workers and silence American voters. Domestic adversaries have used disinformation campaigns and conspiracy theories to undermine our elections process. Anti-democratic lawmakers have passed legislation to erect barriers to the ballot. Power-hungry politicians and their allies have filed frivolous lawsuits and advanced dangerous litigation to gut voting protections. And in 2020, those at the very highest levels of our government tried to overturn the will of the American people.

Through legal, policy, and communications work, States United is fighting back against these attacks and empowering pro-democracy state leaders. Make no mistake: These officials are the frontline champions in the battle for our democracy. Governors help enshrine voter protection into law, and state attorneys general enforce and defend those laws. Secretaries of state oversee our elections, and law enforcement leaders make sure they are safe and free from violence. States United is the only organization whose core mission is bringing these leaders together on election protection, accountability for democracy violators, and political violence prevention, and amplifying their voices to better educate the public.

By connecting pro-democracy state officials with our experts, and with each other, we’re proving that the best way to safeguard our democracy for all Americans is to unite our states.