12/15: Mitch Switch

Published: 12.15.20

The day after the Electoral College voted, the sense of finality was so palpable that even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell congratulated President-elect Biden on his win.

VPP Advisory Board member and former Deputy Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush Donald Ayer and VPP outside counsel Norman Eisen cautioned in an op-ed in the Washington Post today that “no one should mistake William P. Barr’s resignation as a principled act to dissociate himself from a president whose conduct has passed the limit of what the attorney general could tolerate.”

Former Governor of New Jersey and VPP Advisory Board Member Christine Todd Whitman joined Bloomberg’s Balance of Power today to reaffirm the integrity of the presidential election, and call for bipartisan unity in continuing to uphold the rule of law and protect democracy. You can watch Governor Whitman at the 11:13 mark on Bloomberg here.

VPP Advisory Board member Sheriff Peter Koutoujian helped lead a joint statement among the Major County Sheriffs of America, Major Cities Chiefs Association and the National Sheriffs’ Association, condemning threats and violence against election officials, in response to a recent uptick in election-related threats around the country, particularly in battleground states.

Here’s your daily update:

National Update

It’s a Dead End: As Trump advisors falsely suggest there are still opportunities to continue the fight for the White House, legal experts say there is no scenario in which Trump could retain the presidency. “There’s no remaining challenges that could make a difference, they’ve exhausted every realistic — and a large number of unrealistic — avenues for relief, so, legally, this is of no significance whatsoever,” Norm Eisen told ABC News today of efforts by some Republicans to submit slates of electors to Congress not reflecting the popular vote.

Facebook’s Many Faces: Facebook said on Tuesday that it would allow some advertisers to run political issue and candidacy ads in Georgia, a change from its recent ban on political ads in the United States and just weeks before a major runoff election in the state could decide the future of the Senate. Read more here.

State Updates

Washington,D.C.: The chairman of the white nationalist group the Proud Boys, a convicted felon, posted photos from inside the White House gates ahead of a violent pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday, raising new questions about the president’s apparent embrace of the right-wing agitators. Read more here.

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