12/14: Electoral College Days

Published: 12.14.20

Presidential electors cast their votes today, officially electing Joe Biden the nation’s next president. The vote, usually a formality, was more closely watched this year because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede. Indeed, the day had not yet come to a close when Trump adviser Stephen Miller appeared on Fox to say that “alternate” electors would be sent to Congress to enable President Trump to continue challenging the results of this election. This evening, President-elect Biden addressed the nation after the electors had voted.

Here’s your daily update:

National Update

The Electoral College Votes: The Electoral College affirmed President-elect Biden as the next President of the United States, casting the majority of its votes on Monday for Biden. Heightened security was in place in some states, given recent threats to presidential electors. The results will be sent to Washington and tallied during a January 6 joint session of Congress over which Vice President Mike Pence will preside. Read more here.

A Barr Gone Conclusion: President Trump announced in a tweet today that Attorney General Bill Barr will depart the Trump administration before Christmas. The widely anticipated departure of Barr, the head of the Department of Justice, came just moments after President-elect Biden’s victory over Trump was formalized by the Electoral College. This comes after Barr announced last week his plans to remain in the position through the end of year. In response, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey tweeted “If Barr has reached his breaking point, then the nation should be on high alert for Trump’s next attack on democracy.” District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine issued a statement saying “Republicans, Democrats, and Independents across the country must take a stand in defense of our democracy. Beyond elected officials, we need those who have served under this president and resigned, along with those who have served in our military and swore an oath to our Constitution and the leaders of the private sector, to come together and speak out against this conduct.”

State Updates

District of Columbia: A pro-Trump protest unfolded peacefully for most of Saturday outside the White House, but violence erupted as night fell. The events went by several names, including the Million MAGA March, the March for Trump and Stop the Steal DC and featured leaders from the Proud Boys and other extremist groups. A Black Lives Matter banner and sign torn from two historic Black churches in downtown D.C. were destroyed during the Saturday night events and two officers were injured and at least 20 people were arrested.,In response to the weekend’s chaos, District of Columbia AG Karl Racine called on people “to stand up and condemn hate.”

Georgia: Early in-person voting began Monday in the runoff elections for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, with lines reported to be shorter than in the first days of early voting for the general election last month. Meanwhile, Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes have been cast for president-elect Biden. Read more here.

Michigan: Michigan’s 16 Electoral College delegates unanimously voted in support of President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Monday, following state law and constitutional requirements. In compelling broadcast appearances on Sunday, Attorney General Dana Nessel discussed threats levied on Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and what to expect ahead of the Electoral College meeting on Monday. Watch AG Nessel on MSNBC with Alex Witt, Alicia Menendez, and Joshua Johnson.

Minnesota: Attorney General Keith Ellison joined Mehdi Hasan to break down why Texas’ attempt to overturn the 2020 election failed. Watch the clip of AG Ellison on Peacock here.

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